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Beast Deck & Fear

Beast Deck & Fear

After a few playtests, it occurred to me that I might want to save the Young Griffin card for a supplemental Beast deck I’m beginning to formulate.  I already have plans for an Elemental deck, which is coming along nicely, but I’m starting to think I need a Beast deck as well.  Using either of these decks, players could substitute regular faction units for these new Elementals or Beasts.  This would allow more variety and provide a deck building aspect.

I’m trying to flesh out some rules surrounding deck building.  As of right now, the thought is that no more than five mercenary/supplemental cards can be swapped out for normal unit cards.  I start questioning what happens when only one player has purchased one of these expansion decks?  Because the each expansion deck will come with more than 10 cards, I’m thinking that both players would choose from the expansion deck, regardless of which player’s it actually is.  Either both players have the opportunity to use a given expansion or neither do.

I also reworded/reworked Fear as a mechanic and keyword.  Since only a few cards had Fear or an immunity to Fear, it didn’t seem right to try to make Fear a common keyword.  Also, characters that had Fear really stalled the game since it was difficult to attack them, because of this, they started seeming a bit over powered as well.  Not sure if I mentioned this before, but originally Fear was a spell.  And then I decided that certain characters should have the effects of Fear as their special ability.

Currently, instead of simply saying something like “Immune to Fear” as part of a special ability, I add a little more detail, saying “No spell or ability my stop this character from activating”, which is essentially what an immunity to Fear means.  The newly worded version, however, is a bit more powerful because it also blocks other “can’t activate” type powers, such as Will O Wisp.  Presently, there are only two characters that have this ability and I think spelling out the effects in detail is a better way of incorporating the ability as opposed to having some players have the need to ask, “What is Fear?”