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Armor & AshArmor & Ash is a medieval fantasy themed battle card game for two players that utilizes a dice rolling mechanic for combat resolution.

The core game is comprised of four unique factions: Vikings, Forest Elves, Ghob-lings, and Undead.  Faction decks are pre-constructed so you can start playing as soon as you open the box.  Each faction army contains powerful warriors, elite heroes, wondrous spells, and arcane items.

Forest Elves

Forest Elf Ranger - Armor & AshProtectors of the forest, the proud Forest Elves strive to maintain Nature's dominance.  In battle, they call upon all the creatures of the forest, such as wolves, bears, and even leopards to help gain the advantage.  Highly skilled archers, Forest Elves are often able to defeat their foes without ever engaging in hand to hand combat.  But when a melee skirmish is unavoidable, the skill of Elven warriors should not be underestimated.

Forest Elves are certainly capable of dealing heavy blows to their opponents, but they are also skilled at healing and buffing their units with extra defense.  Certainly the faction with the most synergy between units, with multiple cards that augment their fellow allies.  Choose Forest Elves as your faction if you like a balance of both offensive power and damage reduction.
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Armor & Ash Ghoul

The scourge of the living, Undead have only one goal: to eradicate all life. From dark necromancy to demonic forces, the Undead army is vast and employs all manner of cursed beings to bring about wanton death and destruction.  Each battle only serves to increase the ranks of the Undead, as death begets more death.  From utterly devoted Skeletons, which show no fear or pain, to formidable Liches and Vampires, the Undead army is truly a force to be feared.

Undead creatures are naturally resistant to harm, and many cards in this faction offer opportunities to heal or reduce damage.  The powerful necromancy used by the Undead can even bring their fallen warriors back to unlife, forcing them headlong back into combat.
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Goblin Beast Rider - Armor & Ash

Cunning and fierce, some say that Ghob-lings are even more at one with Nature than the Elves.  Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, each Ghob-ling can trace their lineage back to Ghob, the king and ruler of all Ghob-lings.  No one knows for sure how long Ghob has been part of this world, but it is known that Ghob's rule is uncontested.  Smarter than they are often given credit, Ghob-lings use trickery as well as force to subdue their opponents.

Ghob-lings employ powerful magic, being able to vanish from sight or even lure the most stalwart warrior away from the battlefield.  Their sheer numbers are frightful and when they band together they can lay waste to entire armies with ease.  When Ghob is the chosen hero, Ghob-lings can ignore formation rules that other factions must adhere to.






Viking Beast Slayer - Armor & Ash

Accustomed to harsh living conditions, Vikings are hardy and strong-willed, not to mention skilled at killing things. Harnessing the power of runes, Vikings make formidable foes. Masters of their own destiny, Vikings have a knack for overcoming seemingly unbeatable odds. Woe unto those facing the wrong side of a Viking bearded axe.

Vikings are formidable hand to hand warriors and resilient to the bitter end. Viking warriors are hard to kill; they go down swinging. Berserkers shrug off light wounds and while in their war-rage nothing can stop them from attacking. If you like dealing direct damage, Vikings might be the right faction for you.
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