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The Undead are one of four playable factions in Armor & Ash, a two player, head to head, battle card game. Undead are a blight upon the living, they seek to eradicate all forms of life. Not persuaded by territory lines, politics, or any other thing that motivates the living to wage war, Undead only care about death.

Armor & Ash GhoulThe Undead horde is fearsome if for no other reason than their vast size. The ranks of the Undead grow larger with each battle, as death begets more death. One of the most rampant bringers of death and disease for the Undead is the Ghoul. Ghouls are not discriminatory with their appetite; they will eat the flesh of a cadaver as well as the flesh of a living person. While they prefer the taste of the living, the dead are easier to come by. This is one reason Ghouls are frequently found haunting cemeteries and graveyards.

Because they consume so many dead bodies, most Ghouls carry some kind of infectious disease. In game terms, this represents itself as the Ghoul’s signature special ability called Festering Wound. Armor & Ash DullahanFor every successful attack, Ghouls automatically add an additional wound to the total rolled. This means on a successful attack Ghouls will always cause at least two wounds. And if a Ghoul is powered up by a spell such as Dark Power or The Night Beckons, they have the chance to cause five wounds from a single attack (six wounds if both spells are played on the same turn). When played aggressively, suddenly a rank and file unit can become a massive damage dealer.

While an army of fearsome Ghouls is impressive and certainly deadly, the Dullahan, otherwise known as the Headless Horseman, is an an army all by himself. With a defense of 4, the Dullahan is not afraid to rush into battle. For weaker units, those with less defense than the Dullahan, the terror inducing Headless Horseman represents a dastardly foe. His special ability, called Haunting Terror, has a chance for auto removal of weak units. Being able to remove an opposing unit without having to fully reduce their health is a very powerful ability. Thankfully, for those fighting this terrifying menace, the Dullahan’s power requires a successful roll of the d20.

Even without his auto-removal ability, the Dullahan is still a powerful soldier for the Undead. With base stats of 3 Attack, 4 Defense, and 3 Health, the Dullahan is a force not to be underestimated. When this terrifying menace enters the Battlefield, it is best to take him out as quickly as possible, least this frightful foe leaves you headless.

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