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This past weekend I attended JordanCon, a convention for Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. It also has a dedicated open gaming area. And, I just so happened to get mentioned on their main schedule. How awesome is that?!

What is really awesome is the fantastic response I received while demoing Battles of Infamy. People actually lined up, they were waiting, to get a chance to play. We had two demos running at all times and often there were two people waiting patiently to play. Now that is positive reinforcement for a developer let me tell you. Also, a couple of people played multiple times; they wanted to play each faction and so they’d play a game, go to a panel, then come back for another game. The interaction and slew of positive comments was very encouraging. Some people wanted to just hang out and chat with me about the game long after they were finished playing.

My win ratio at JordanCon was not very high, but that’s okay. To me, that means the game is fairly balanced; the game creator (me) does not have an advantage over someone that has never played the game before.

Thanks JordanCon attendees and staff for such a great convention experience!