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The prototype cards for Battles of Infamy arrived today.  And they look fantastic!  See for yourself.

Keep in mind that these are prototype cards and not representative of what the final card layout or graphics will look like.  Since I know I’m going to attend a few gaming conventions, I want some cards that look better than plain paper home printed versions.

prototype deck sampleEven though these show prototype, unpolished work, I think they look pretty darn good.  The different and unique faction backs really add something that was lacking from the plain white paper backs that come from a desktop printer.

The image on the left shows the four factions that will come in the base set: Undead, Ghob-lings, Vikings, and Forest Elves.  Each of these factions has unique common warriors, heroes, magic spells, and powerful items.  On the right is a sampling of one common warrior card for each of the factions.  I didn’t realize at the time I took the picture, but I choose cards with very similar powers.  Next time I’ll try to show off some more variety, of which the game has plenty.