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This past weekend I attended SecretsCon, a local gaming convention.  It was really fun and there were plenty of games to be played.  Seriously, pictured is maybe half of the games, it actually might be closer to 1/3 of the games that were readily available for anyone to play.

But I didn’t go for fun and merriment.  Well, okay I did, but mainly I went to demo Battles of Infamy and get some much needed outside opinions on the game.

The response was overwhelmingly positive.  One individual actually played the game twice!  All of the comments were similar to “You’ve really got something here” or “I think this could catch on”.  And that was a good feeling.  Everyone that played the game seemed to enjoy it.  I was also looking for how easy it was for others to understand and for things like confusion surrounding any of the card’s special ability text or other rules.  Thankfully, picking up the game seemed quite easy.

Everyone really seemed to enjoy the game and enjoy themselves while playing.  Their positive comments were really encouraging, and not just from a “this is a fun game” standpoint, but most people really got into the game and commented about the factions, the card names, and the special abilities.

Overall, for my first Con experience as a game designer/publisher, I left SecretsCon feeling confident and energized.